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The devoted reader in this 19th-century painting is Abdul Masih (1776-1827) of Lucknow, India, a CMS physician and evangelist. His medical work is indicated by the bottles in the niche behind him. According to Cambridge scholar Graham Kings, the book Abdul Masih is reading so intently is probably the Urdu (Hindustani) translation of the New Testament completed by Henry Martyn in 1810. Reading the Gospel in his own language led Abdul Masih to put his faith in Jesus. He found the scripture to be a source of blessing and joy. Since the early 19th century, however, many have been turned away from the Gospel by the polemical book Izhar al-haqq, written by Rahmat Allah Kairanwi in 1864. The central arguments of the Izhar have now been answered in a respectful and scholarly manner in a new book, The Gentle Answer to the Muslim Accusation of Biblical Falsification. The Gentle Answer invites Muslim friends to open the pages of the Gospel once more and to read and reason together about its contents. The book is available online from amazon in Europe and North America.

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