Muslim Accusations of Scriptural Corruption

A major theme in Muslim polemic against Christianity has been the accusation that the Torah and Gospel have become corrupted, or that Jews and/or Christians have deliberately falsified the original revelations which God gave them. This accusation is arguably not found in the Qur'an; it is definitely not found in the earliest Muslim story about Muhammad, the Sira of Ibn Ishaq; and it is muted in the Hadith collections by traditions which assume an intact Torah in the hands of the Jews of Medina. In spite of this, Muslim scholars developed the accusation of corruption into one of their top polemical themes--an accusation which was used to shut down any further discussion of the contents of the Bible. Many helpful scholarly articles have been written about the approach which the Qur'an takes to the Torah and Gospel, as well as the historical development of Muslim accusations of corruption.

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